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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


10 Undeniably (and sometimes inexplicably) Disappointing Things:

1 - A cup of tea you realise has gone too cold to drink, and it's at that point where reheating it just makes it taste a bit plastic and crap.  It's gone from The Little Tea That Could to The Little Tea You Have To Throw Away.

2 - You run the bath and get all excited about having a nice, long relax, only to get in and realise it's not as hot as you were planning, and so you sit there feeling sad as you realise there's not enough hot water to do it properly and you just have to put up with this warm pond of disappointment.

3 - When a piece of music goes in a different direction that doesn't really surprise you so much as disappoint you; you're getting all into it and loving it, and then the artist/band/composer do something that makes you go, "Oh, I wouldn't have done that...this isn't as good as what I thought you were going to do."

4 - You're loving the shower and then the pressure goes and it becomes like a limp dick.

5 - The ice cream you just bought falling on the floor as you go to eat it.

6 - Not getting a response to a message you KNOW someone has received.

7 - Finally getting around to opening the case of the film or music you have been looking forward to and finding it is not in there!

8 - The moment you understand for yourself that the person you are really into, and who you thought was maybe into you, actually has had their eye on someone else for quite a while and sees you as a buddy.

9 - The big social event that has been arranged for ages falling through.

10 - A book without an owner, just sitting there


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