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Thursday, 20 January 2011

What's This All About?

So here I am heading into yet another weekend for which nothing is really planned, beyond reading more of "The Swan Thieves" (which it was agreed this evening would make an odd but exciting band name), having finished Steig Larsson's "Millenium" trilogy, which I will be blogging about at some point.  So apart from reading a bit, I'm not sure what to do with myself.  I guess I may be nipping out for drinks tonight, and perhaps, if I'm lucky, some jukebox hijacking (the local pub has a rocking one), unless of course there's some sort of entertainment there; the word "entertainment" is used very loosely, as it does tend to be pretty pants.  Beyond reading and going out for drinks with some mates and rocking the pub with some choons, however, who knows....  There is the fact that on Sunday I shall be seeing Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan" (very excited...and it occurs to me there are a lot of swans entering my life at the moment....wonder what that means?) having dinner and then going out for more drinks in the evening.  But apart from reading, going out for drinks with mates, seeing "Black Swan", having dinner, probably at Nandos, and partying it up with some weekend is due to be pretty unexciting.

I figure I should type up my first blog.  Knowing how to start a blog, the very first entry, the one you're reading, is a toughie!  Do you just go straight into a topic and hope people just find you interesting?  Will people find anything I have to say about film and whatnot interesting?  Am I simply writing this to myself?  I guess it doesn't matter; I enjoy it, though of course it would be nice to think somebody will stick with me, as I stick with others.

I feel I should say thank you to my friend Sam, who is also a blogger here; she text me her URL, I found the idea fascinating, and almost on impulse found myself designing this.  It sounds silly, but I almost feel bad, as it looks like I'm playing copycat and just ripping off what she did long before me.  Truth is she inspired this decision, and I thank her for letting me read her blog.....I simply had not thought about it until now. 

They say write about what you know or love.  Well thankfully both of those requisites apply to film...but why write about film on here when you have IMDB ("Internet Movie Database" for all you uncool kids not in the know)?  Well, I suppose it's the freedom; I do enjoy reviewing films on there and linking them to those people who are interested, but the freedom of a blog to write about whatever take your fancy, not being limited to one topic, was appealing, and as I do have interests outside of cinema (not that you'd know it sometimes), like music.....and films, I embraced the notion.  I just hope those people who are interested in my reviews on IMDB are willing to keep an eye on my blog.  God, the fear is to be boring, to not have anything to say....still, I shall aim for about two entries per week, or as things come up that I really want to talk about (even if it is ultimately to myself). 

Some people blog by video, some people keep things more personal by writing in a diary.....and some people have a life and don't do this sort of thing at all, preferring to spend their time out with friends.....real ones!  We can but dream.  Still, I'm a geek, and I hope to draw all the other geeks to me, by the thousand, simply by the power of words.....If the pied piper did it, I can do it....and I won't be drowning anyone in any sea, setting anyone on fire, or encouraging any other type of mass suicide, so that's got to be a bonus, right?

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